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The Plight of the Pigs


Several years ago, a very special pig came into my life. Arnold has taught me so much about pigs... how extremely intelligent they are, how mischievous they are, and how - in the right environment - they can be the most incredible companions. And as he grew to his now 250 adorable pounds he also taught me that the myth of the “micro mini” pig is exactly that... a myth.


The truth is pigs, like all animals, come in many different sizes. While some are certainly smaller than others, the healthy adult 35lb pig just doesn’t exist. The truth is no breeder can guarantee what your pig will weigh although many unscrupulous breeders out there will do their best to make you believe they can. “Mini” refers to pigs that are smaller in stature than the average farm pig... which means a 300lb pig is still mini!!


This can be a tough situation for pig owners that expect their pig to stay tiny. Not everyone is able to adapt their home and their life to accommodate a 250lb pig like Arnie which unfortunately leads to rehoming, surrendering, and even neglect and abandonment. Most pet rescues are not able to take pigs and there are not enough pig rescues out there with space to fill the demand.


FPAS is a sanctuary for all animals but we have a special goal to help these pigs. Not only do we want to expand facilities to take in pigs who find themselves the victims of this situation... we want to prevent this as much as we can through awareness and education. We would love to be a resource any prospective pig parents can reach out to before they bring a pig into their life to learn what kind of commitment they are. We of course advocate adoption but if someone is looking for a breeder we can advise them about questions to ask and warning signs. We can also refer to folks much smarter than us when it comes to training, nutrition, and keeping your pig healthy and happy.


Pigs are a 15-20 year commitment that can significantly alter the routine of any household. The decision to take in a pig should not be made quickly or lightly. In the right environment the rewards of living with a pig are enormous but please do your research first. Our goal is to educate and help prospective pig parents evaluate whether their situation is right for a pig and keep more pigs out of rescues and sanctuaries.  The truth is 90% of pet pigs are rehomed, abandoned, or worse within the first year - help us be their voice and change this horrible statistic!!


Thank you so much for your continued support,


Kim and Arnold the Piggy 

Dedicated to Arnold the Piggy - Root in Peace 2013-2024 

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