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Spring 2024 Special Needs Fundraiser

Clarence Spring 2024.jpg

2024 started a little rough… losing Arnold took its toll emotionally and financially. But Spring is here and it’s time to start moving forward again to keep improving the lives of our current and future residents.

Next on the list of projects is to fence off pasture space for our older and special needs pigs to have a safe space for grazing. This will also provide much needed exercise - especially for those that need to lose a few pounds. Our goal is $5,000 to pay for fencing, gates, and supplies to create a free range grazing pasture that we can open up during the day but pull pigs back in to their pens at night for feeding and bedtime.

Our funds are very depleted right now so we are asking for any help you can give. No amount is too small to make a difference!!

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